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Who are the actors in the movie shorts?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Shorts (also known as Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock and released internationally as The Wishing Rock) is a 2009 Emirati-American comic fantasy family film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film stars Jon Cryer, William H. Macy, Leslie Mann, James Spader, Jimmy Bennett and Kat Dennings.

What is the best short movie to watch?

THE BEST SHORT MOVIES EVER. 1 1. Paperman (2012) G | 7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy. 2 2. I'm Here (2010) 3 3. Spider (2007) 4 4. Bus 44 (2001) 5 5. The Butterfly Circus (2009) More items

How do I submit my horror shorts to alter?

ALTER seeks out global, diverse talent who are telling stories that can’t be found anywhere else. Filmmakers should visit to submit your horror shorts. (Only completed horror shorts will be considered. Unsolicited scripts or pitches will be immediately deleted without review.)

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