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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the shortstop called the shortstop?

The Shortstop's name is a reference to the shortstop, the fielding position between second and third base in the Scout's favorite sport, baseball. It also seems to be a pun on the Shortstop's old slowdown effect, which was meant to stop enemies for a short time.

What is shortstop 2 Plugging system?

Engineered to be cost-efficient and dependable, the SHORTSTOPP II Plugging System provides operators with safe means of isolating pipelines in pressures ranging from 60psi up to 200psi, depending on tool configuration and sealing element when complete shutdown is not feasible.

What kind of gun is a shortstop?

The Shortstop was modeled from elements of various break action handguns, including the Remington Elliot 4 shot (trigger and grip) and the COP .357 Derringer (barrels), which coincidentally had a .410 scattergun version.

What is a shortstop welding machine?

Designed for use with TDW SHORTSTOPP® Plugging Machines, low-pressure SHORTSTOPP® Weld Fittings can be used for a wide range of hot tapping and plugging operations without temporary bypass or shutdown.

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