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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the shortstop work in Warzone?

There is a cooldown period of around 1.5 seconds before the player can shove again, and the player cannot shove while reloading or while using other weapons. When the Shortstop is the active weapon, the player receives 20% more knockback when taking damage, as well as from the Pyro's compression blast.

Is there a shove counter for the shortstop?

Hell, maybe even a Shortstop-specific "Players Shoved" or a similar strange part, like the Loose Cannon and the "Double Donks" counter it has exclusively. To add to this, it's weird how the shove itself is done. The shove actually does 1 damage, though you yourself do not deal this 1 damage (you don't get a "ding" sound).

Why is the shortstop called the shortstop?

The Shortstop's name is a reference to the shortstop, the fielding position between second and third base in the Scout's favorite sport, baseball. It also seems to be a pun on the Shortstop's old slowdown effect, which was meant to stop enemies for a short time.

What is the shortstop in Fortnite?

The Shortstop is a community-created primary weapon for the Scout. It is a four-barreled derringer-style pistol fitted with pearl grips and loaded with shotgun shells. Unlike the Scout's other primary weapons, the Shortstop is a rapid-firing weapon that reloads an entire clip of ammunition rapidly, similarly to the Pistol.

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