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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie Showdown?

Cast overview, first billed only: Billy Blanks Billy Grant Kenn Scott Ken Marx Christine Taylor Julie John Asher Mike (as John Mallory Asher) Patrick Kilpatrick Lee 10 more rows ...

Who is the bully in the movie Showdown?

Julie's boyfriend, Tom, is the high school bully and when he sees Ken talking to Julie, he is given a verbal thrashing. However, Julie defuses the situation when she explains that Ken is new and didn't know about him. After school, he is met by Tom and his buddy Rob, who once again bully Ken with Tom warning him to stay away from Julie.

Who is the janitor in the movie Showdown?

Billy has since then become the janitor of the school that Ken, Julie and Tom go to. When Ken gets beaten up by Tom for talking to Julie again, Billy helps Ken by teaching him how to defend himself, which eventually leads to a battle between student vs. student, and sensei vs. sensei. — <[email protected]>

Who was the owner of the North Stars in 1993?

After living his entire life in Minnesota, Broten encountered the unthinkable in 1993. He appeared to be entering the downside of his career just as his home state was losing one of its most cherished treasures. On March 10, 1993, North Stars owner Norm Green announced he would be relocating the team to Dallas.

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