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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SS ou sample team out of date?

DISCLAIMER: The current sample teams are out of date and represent an older version of the SS OU metagame; be cautious of this when using the below teams. Updates will be coming soon!

Who are the moderators of SS ou forums?

The moderators of this forum are TPP, maroon, ShuckleDeath , Twilight, and vivalospride . Get your SS OU teams rated here! …

Who are the participants in the Red River Showdown?

The participants are the Sooners of the University of Oklahoma in Norman and the Longhorns of the University of Texas at Austin . The game is played the week following the State Fair Classic (featuring Prairie View A&M and Grambling State ), and the series is one of the major rivalries in NCAA football and in all of American sports.

What do you need to know about Pokemon showdown?

Pokémon Showdown is a free, web-based battle simulator. It comes with many different servers and a plethora of features such as fan-made tiers and chatrooms to fit your style. Whether you use it to learn competitive battling, to practice, or just use it for recreation, you are welcome to this community.

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