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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you think about the Ubers community?

It is disappointing that the general ubers community especially top players and SS Mains are dishonest or uninterested towards developing the metagame and won't share their teams and ideas with others in such a crucial stage for general metagame growth. The lack of VR and sample teams this far in is also kinda sad.

Are Dusk Mane and Yveltal good on swsh Uber teams?

While Dusk Mane and Yveltal are near-mandatory on SWSH uber teams, I won’t be explaining it in depth as the set and reasons for utilization is pretty standard and straightforward. Zygarde puts a stop to Double Dance Groudon otherwise it’s known for sweeping teams that are occupied in dealing with other threats.

Is Ubers vulerable to all threats?

While it's capable of checking a variety of threats in the ubers metagame, it is also sadly vulerable to many of the most common threats in the tier.

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