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Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of frozen shrimp have been recalled in 2021?

The recalled products include various sizes of cooked, peeled and deveined frozen shrimp sold in various packaging sizes, with and without cocktail sauce, at stores nationwide between November 2020 and May 2021. The shrimp was sold under several brands, including such store brands as 365 (a Whole Foods brand), Food Lion, Hannaford and Meijer.

Is there a recall on Avanti shrimp?

The products were sold under several brand names across the U.S. Avanti Frozen Foods issued a voluntary, nationwide recall on Friday of its imported, frozen, cooked, and deveined shrimp because it has been linked to a salmonella outbreak, the Food and Drug Administration announced.

Is there a recall on 365 shrimp?

No deaths have been reported. The shrimp is sold under several brand names: 365, Censea, COS (Chicken of the Sea), Hannaford, Honest Catch, Meijer, Open Acres, and Waterfront Bistro. The recalled products were packaged in 1- to 2-pound pouches or trays. (You can find the full list of sizes, lot codes, and expiration dates on the FDA’s website .)

What should I do if my shrimp is recalled?

Consumers who purchased any of the recalled shrimp products are advised to throw them away or return them to where they were purchased. Any surfaces touched by the recalled products should be sanitized. Not all shrimp products sold under these brands or by these retailers are included in the recall.

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