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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a recall on frozen cooked shrimp 2021?

CDC identified three new illnesses in this outbreak since the final update was posted on July 21, 2021. At least one of these people ate frozen cooked shrimp supplied by Avanti Frozen Foods that was not part of the initial recall on June 25, 2021. On August 13, 2021, Avanti expanded their recall

Is there a recall on Avanti frozen shrimp?

On June 25, 2021, Avanti Frozen Foods recalled additional lots of frozen cooked shrimp as they may be contaminated with Salmonella. CDC is advising people not to eat, sell, or serve recalled frozen cooked shrimp supplied by Avanti Frozen Foods.

Is frozen cooked shrimp contaminated with Salmonella?

Epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback data show that frozen cooked shrimp supplied by Avanti Frozen Foods was contaminated with Salmonella and is making people sick.

How did FDA trace the supplier of frozen cooked shrimp?

FDA conducted a traceback investigation using purchase records from locations where four sick people bought shrimp. Based on their purchase locations and dates, FDA identified a common shipment of frozen cooked shrimp; a supplier of this shipment was Avanti Frozen Foods.

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