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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a shuttle service to the airport in Ocala?

Transportation Services in Ocala, Florida Shuttleliner of Ocala makes getting to and from the airport one less thing to worry about. Our airport shuttle services let you start your vacation early by eliminating the additional task of driving to the airport, finding parking, catching a shuttle bus, and then finally getting to the terminal.

When did the Ocala Shuttleliner first come out?

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. NO ONE SHOULD BE GOING THROUGH THIS. This happened on 25th of November. First phone call was at 11:12 AM (I have attached a picture of the phone call) PLEASE NEVER BOOK WITH THEM.

How long did it take to get from Ocala to Ocala?

Though it took us almost three hours to get to Ocala, it was not within his control, but he tried his best to take an alternate route which likely got us there in more time than we would have if we had gone on the highway. Joe was friendly and knew a lot about the area.

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