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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the siamining hyperspace pool?

Welcome to the SiaMining Hyperspace pool! From the creators of the first and longest-running mining pool for Sia, a reliable mining pool for Hyperspace. Pure Pay-Per-Share – Least possible variance and no penalty for orphaned blocks. 3% PPS fee.

When was the first siacoin mining pool?

The first mining pool, SiaMining, was created in 2016 and to this day is still one of the biggest and most efficient pools. The network and the platform are looking to introduce many developments in the near future. What is the reward for finding a Siacoin block?

How do I switch between SIA derivatives in a mining pool?

SiaMining has set up a mining pool for each of the 3 Sia derivatives, giving miners full freedom to decide what to mine. The switch can be performed by simply changing the port number in your miner's configuration. Here are the direct links to the pools:

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