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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the sigma distribution centre in Berrinba?

The FKG Group was engaged to complete the design and construction of the Sigma Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre in Berrinba. The warehouse occupies a greenfield site in an industrial precinct and has a floor area of 15,000m² comprising an air-conditioned warehouse and two offices around 1,000m 2.

Where is the new SIGMA Centre in Queensland?

Construction begins on Sigma Pharmaceuticals new $65 million Distribution Centre in Berrinba, South East Queensland The new facility will bring advanced warehousing and distribution services to Queensland, including leading industry standards in environmental sustainability

How many pharmacies does Sigma Healthcare Service?

Servicing over 4,000 pharmacies nationwide with over 15,000 product lines daily. Through our national network of 9 Distribution Centres, Sigma services over 4,000 pharmacies nationwide with over 15,000 product lines daily. We make over a million deliveries by road, sea and air to our valued customers per year.

Who is the CEO of Sigma in Australia?

Sigma’s Managing Director and CEO Mark Hooper said the $65 million investment in this new centre showed the company’s long term commitment to ensuring the most efficient and effective distribution of critically needed medicines to patients throughout Queensland. “Sigma is Australia’s leader in full line wholesaling and distribution to pharmacies.

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