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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of silver and fit?

The Silver Fit exercise programme has been proven to reduce the risk of falling and fractures, improve the ability to carry out day-to-day activities and increase confidence and independence. Older adults who have an active lifestyle enjoy an improved quality of life in their later years.

What is silver exercise program?

The silver workout is a deceptively gentle set of exercises designed to get your body going without too much fanfare or undue pressure on muscle groups. This makes it one of those stealth mode workouts you can do when you're not sure you should be exercising or when you are in recuperative mode, or when simply you're stuck for a workout routine,...

What is silver & fit?

UPDATED - February 5, 2021: Silver and Fit is a health and fitness program , specially designed for senior citizens and other older adults by American Specialty Health (ASH). The fitness plan, part of Medicare, allows you access to memberships from a broad network of gyms or provides everything you need to start up your own home fitness program.

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