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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the silver and fit fitness program?

Silver&Fit is a fitness and healthy aging program designed by American Specialty Health (ASH). It’s designed specifically for older adults.

What is the best workout for seniors?

Walking is a great exercise for seniors, but getting outside in the heat of summer can be detrimental to your health. On a treadmill, however, you can walk on a predictable, obstacle-free, comfortable low-impact surface with handrails for support. If you are able to walk without using the handrails, it will help improve your balance, as well.

What is the YMCA silver and FIT program?

Silver & Fit. The Meriden YMCA is now a participating Silver & Fit Fitness facility (effective January 1, 2014.) Silver & Fit is designed to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education.

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