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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the silver and FIT program work?

Exercise and rewards program: The Silver and Fit Connected! ® program allows you to use a smartphone or smart-fitness device—like a Fitbit or Apple Watch—to track your fitness and health choices to earn rewards.*

Who are the silver and fit Medicare beneficiaries?

The Silver and Fit exercise and healthy-aging program is provided by American Specialty Health. Silver and Fit is a fitness program designed specifically for older adults. You may get access to Silver and Fit as a Medicare beneficiary through many insurance companies’ Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans. Silver&Fit COVID-19 Adaptations

How many fitness kits can you get with silver and fit?

No problem. Rather than selecting a fitness facility, you can enroll in the Silver and Fit Home Fitness Program. The Silver and Fit Home Fitness Program allows you to choose up to two home fitness kits each year out of a large selection each year—there are 35 kits to choose from total.

Do you have to pay for silver and fit?

Many Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement plans include Silver and Fit for free, so you can attend fitness centers or YMCAs for no additional cost. Other plans may require you to pay an annual fee to enroll in Silver and Fit—perhaps as high as $50. If this is the case, you'll pay the fee directly to Silver and Fit.

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