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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy silver coins for sale?

Silver Coins for Sale at APMEX Silver coins are primarily produced by sovereign mints, but there are a few private mints contracted to product Silver bullion coins a well. The United States no longer mints Silver coins for circulation as they used to. Silver coins range in designs from historical figures, animals, iconic sites and more.

Which is the most popular silver coin in the world?

There is great diversity in the silver bullion coin market, with the following coins representing the most popular from mints around the world: American Silver Eagle: The official silver bullion coin of the United States, the American Silver Eagle debuted in 1986 with 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.

Are there any different types of silver coins?

There are many different types of silver coins that have been minted throughout history. The number may even be as high as several thousand. Obviously, older and rarer coins are one thing but the fact is that there is a group of silver coins that make up the vast majority of today’s silver coin trade.

Is there such a thing as a commemorative silver coin?

Commemorative silver coins are also produced in various sizes. A commemorative silver coin is produced in limited quantities and can have varying amounts of silver. These coins are considered to be more of a numismatic, or collector’s coin.

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