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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the guy on coins on TV?

At this time, Fox Business was airing an infomercial for Coins TV. When I tuned in, the camera was panning a display with graded American Silver Eagle coins. Of course, I stopped to stare at the shiny silver coins. Then I heard the pitch. The pitchman is Rick Tomaska, owner of Rare Collectibles TV. Tomaska seemed pleasant and appeared knowledgable.

Are there live streaming deals on silver coins?

CoinsTV - Live Streaming Deals for Collectors On Silver & Gold Coins! I Love My Silver Dollar! I've purchased from all of the largest coin companies and I've never gotten a coin with so much luster.

What happens if you buy a coin on TV?

If you purchased the set advertised on television, you would be LOSING $900! As part of the pitch, if you ordered the set, Tomaska would send a copy of the 4th Edition of American Silver Eagle: A Guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Program autographed by Miles Standish, the book’s co-author, who was present with Tomaska.

Where can I buy silver coins for sale?

Silver Coins for Sale at APMEX Silver coins are primarily produced by sovereign mints, but there are a few private mints contracted to product Silver bullion coins a well. The United States no longer mints Silver coins for circulation as they used to. Silver coins range in designs from historical figures, animals, iconic sites and more.

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