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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the value of silver coins?

How to calculate the current intrinsic value of a silver coin. The intrinsic value (also known as melt value) of a silver coin can be determined by multiplying the ASW (actual silver weight) for the coin times the current spot price of silver.

How to calculate the value of a silver coin?

To calculate the value of silver in a coin, multiply the silver weight in troy ounces (not the coin weight) by the silver spot price . For example, A junk silver quarter has a silver content of 0.1808 troy oz.

How much do silver coins sell for?

As example, the underlying value of all silver dimes as of 11/18/2019 is $1.12 and silver quarters$2.83 each. Often the value of -collectible- old silver coins is many times greater. One by one, judge your coins and determine which are of a collectible quality, these are priced individually as you sell silver coins. Nov 18 2019

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