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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start your review of silver eagle group?

Learn more. Start your review of Silver Eagle Group. I contacted ranges on short notice, hoping to get private instruction before an extremely challenging course for work that was far more advanced than my skills.

How many shooting ranges does silver eagle group have?

Silver Eagle Group is a state of the art training facility, which offers four modern indoor shooting ranges, consisting of two 25-yard ranges and a 50-yard range with 10 lanes each, and a 15 yard range with 3 lanes. Designed specifically for maximum individual or class

Is there an indoor range at Silver Eagle?

As someone unfamiliar with using an indoor range, I was nervous, but the staff and owner at SEG are awesome. Walking in new is extremely intimidating and not once have I felt uncomfortable by unfriendly staff like a couple of other ranges I've contacted or visited. First impressions matter and in the other places I've been, the staff never smiled.

Where do you buy ammo at Silver Eagle?

Upon entering, first time guests are directed to register/sign a waiver. Once you've checked-in, head to the rental counter where you rent and swap out handguns, purchase targets/ammo, purchase apparel, etc. Vending machines for drinks and snacks are near the hand washing counter.

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