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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Simpatico mean English?

Simpatico, which derives from the Greek noun sympatheia, meaning "sympathy," was borrowed into English from both Italian and Spanish. In those languages, the word has been chiefly used to describe people who are well-liked or easy to get along with; early uses of the word in English reflected this,...

What is Simpatico as a plural?

simpatico ( feminine singular simpatica, masculine plural simpatici, feminine plural simpatiche, superlative simpaticissimo ) Borrowed from Ancient Greek σῠμπᾰθῐκός (sumpathikós), adjectival form of σῠμπᾰ́θειᾰ (sumpátheia, "sympathy, fellow feeling", literally "suffering together") .

What does simpatica mean?

Definition of simpatico. 1 : agreeable, likable The Bachelor Duke was a highly simpatico figure, kind, humane, civilized—qualities that it is often difficult to recapture in a historical biography.— John Martin Robinson. 2 : having shared qualities, interests, etc. : like-minded, sympathetic These two artists are simpatico.

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