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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Simp and what is Simping?

Constantly over doing and over achieving to not realize they're being used 100% of the time. Real simp shit is knowing that person isn't gonna love you or like you back after doing certain favors for them. If you knew you were being used, you're a simp. Might as well tattoo loser on your forehead.

What do the rules of no Simp September mean?

Others claim that simp means acting a certain way towards someone, with no respect for them or yourself, in order to get something (usually something sexual) from them. What are the rules of No Simp September?

Is it possible to not Simp for a month?

Many others commented that they simply would never be able to not "simp" for a month since their faves exist and they can't go a month without showing them love.

Why do SIMPS like to talk to SIMPS?

Usually simps do so in the false hopes of one day claiming her (what a terrible girl) or eventually bedding her or her giving the simps some attention since men are usually STARVED from female attention. Makes it seem like an oasis in the desert metaphorically speaking BUT HOLD UP & WAIT A MINUTE! It was a mirage!

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