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Frequently Asked Questions

What language does the singer Enya sing in?

Enya has sung in ten languages in her career, including English, Irish, Latin, Welsh, Spanish, French and Japanese. She has recorded music influenced by works from fantasy author J. R. R. Tolkien, including the instrumental "Lothlórien" from Shepherd Moons.

Is the singer Enya a Christian?

Her music is usually classified as New Age or Celtic. She accepts the Celtic label, but has at times indicated a slight discomfort with being seen as "New Age" as much of her music is strongly Christian , with several of her songs centring on maintaining a relationship with Jesus. [14]

What is Enya's music genre?

Enya (born May 17, 1961) is an Irish New Age/Neo-Classical/whatever-genre-people-feel-like-labeling-her singer. (She herself calls her genre "Enya", the musical equivalent of a Badass Boast.)

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