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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some famous musician in Honduras?

Though American music has produced most of the popular music in modern Honduras, the country has produced several well-known musicians such as: Banda Blanca Delirium Sueño Digviana Pez Luna Sol Caracol Maria Isolina Dano Cube ANIMA URANIA Ytterbium More items...

Who is famous artist from Honduras?

Armando Lara is another artist of Honduras that is very popular in the culture that they have there. He was born in la Lima in 1959. He expressed his artistic ability since he was just a small child. He mostly painted pictures that related to the world and reflected on the injustices.

Who are some famous people from Honduras?

Many of the other famous people of Honduras were either artists or writers. Examples of artists include two primitivist painters – Jose Antonio Velasquez (1906-1983) and Pablo Zelaya Sierra (1896-1933).

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