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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hazards of skiing?

Based on research evidence, the biggest risk factors associated with skiing and snowboarding injures are: Poorly adjusted bindings. Research evidence on skiing injuries, particularly injuries in children, suggests that the biggest single factor related to injury is the condition of ski bindings. Use of Rented Equipment.

Where is the best place to go skiing?

Also, this terrain can only be found in Colorado's mountains. Colorado is by far the best place to go skiing. There is so much snow, snow is on top of the highest peaks all year long. Great terrain and great altitude.

What is the best ski resort in the world?

Zermatt and Verbier, are arguably Switzerland’s top resorts, but only Zermatt and the linked Italian resort of Cervinia have the Matterhorn as an awe-inspiring backdrop. Zermatt has world-class skiing, a good snow record and all the in-resort facilities you’d ever need.

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