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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skin script RX?

Skin Script Rx is the perfect secret weapon to add to your skin care routine. Skin script is dedicated to beautiful skin and delivers a promise of healthy skin for each person. No matter what your skin type is, their quality products are both gentle and effective. Skin Script Rx is simultaneously natural and clinical.

Where can I buy skin script products?

You can buy all the Skin Script skincare product --glycolic cleansers, excellent moisturizers, peptide eye serums, and more--right here on! Scroll through, find the fit for your skin needs, and shop seamlessly today! Is Skin Script medical grade?

What is skinskin script?

Skin Script is a clinical, professional skin care line designed using cutting edge chemistry and skin care research. Containing retinols, glycolics, lactics, salicylics and natural brighteners, its professional grade products specialize in corrective skin care for all skin types.

What is the skin script Learning Center?

We believe in empowering aestheticians through education and great skincare and do so with complimentary online education for the licensed aesthetician! To that end, we’ve developed the Skin Script Learning Center which is a space where you will come to participate in our online curriculum.

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