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Frequently Asked Questions

How is slack different from Skype chat?

Slack's notifications are buggy and some notifications that are supposed to happen simply don't. Skype indicates the actual number of unread messages in each conversation, as well as the number of unread messages in the taskbar. ... Skype sends notifications about messages received while a computer was asleep. ... If you open Skype but leave some messages unread, you'll still see in Skype's taskbar icon that you have unread messages. ... More items...

How do you log in to slack?

Sign in to your workspace (s) Open the Slack app. Enter your Slack URL, then click Continue. If you’re already signed in to another Slack workspace, click the plus icon in the far left sidebar. Enter your sign-in email address, then click Continue. Enter your password and tick the box next to Keep me signed in, if you’d like.

How do I create a Slack channel?

In the workflow designer: Click the Slack action group in the action toolbox. Drag the Slack - Create a channel action to the point in the workflow when you want to create a Slack channel. Click the Slack - Create a channel action. Select a Connection. Select a Channel type. Type the Name of the channel you want to create.

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