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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the least liked stock on Robinhood?

Slack Technologies Finally, Slack Technologies ( NYSE:WORK) rounds out the list of Robinhood stocks least loved by Wall Street. The stock garners only a single buy rating out of 22 analysts, while the other 21 are firm in their neutrality by having hold ratings.

Why do Wall Street analysts hate Robinhood stocks?

Many of them trade frequently and sometimes buy shares of doomed companies in the hope of making a quick short-term profit. As a result, many of the favorite stocks on Robinhood have gotten utterly panned by Wall Street stock analysts.

Should you buy Robinhood shares before Salesforce acquires Salesforce?

Salesforce has solid prospects for the future, with 35 out of 43 analysts giving it a buy rating, as reported by Robinhood. That's a solid vote of confidence for the tech giant, and holding onto shares will give Robinhood investors exposure to Salesforce without any further tax consequences if the deal goes through.

Should you buy slack stock if you own Salesforce?

Under the terms of that deal, Salesforce will pay $26.79 per share in cash, and Slack investors will also get 0.0776 shares of Salesforce stock, which would currently be worth about $17 at recent prices. As a result, owning Slack is largely like investing 40% of your money in Salesforce and keeping the other 60% in cash.

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