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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Slater Technology Fund do for Rhode Island?

The Slater Technology Fund is an evergreen not-for-profit seed fund dedicated to supporting new venture development in Rhode Island. We invest in early-stage technology ventures founded by entrepreneurs who have the vision, courage and tenacity to build companies that aim to achieve transformational impact in the industries or markets they serve.

What is the purpose of the Slater Center?

The Slater Center offers an impressive assortment of superior medicine in different strains, potencies and products, each with unique therapeutic benefits. And we’re constantly developing new medicines and product lines in response to our patients’ needs. Our goal is to help people feel better so they can live better.

When did the Thomas C Slater compassion center open?

When the Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center opened its doors as the first medical cannabis dispensary in Rhode Island in 2013, our mission was to provide safe, dignified and affordable access to medical cannabis for all approved patients. We’ve been doing it ever since.

How long does it take to pick up orders at Slater Center?

Click on a menu item to start your online order. Most orders will be ready for pickup at our drive thru within one hour. (You should receive a confirmation email when it is ready.) All online orders must be picked up at our drive thru by 6:30 pm weekdays or 4 pm weekends. Orders not picked up by end of day will be cancelled.

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