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Frequently Asked Questions

How are two split switch light switches connected?

Wiring a Double Split Switched Outlet In this circuit, a split receptacle is controlled by two separate switches. With this arrangement, two lamps can be plugged into the same outlet and each can be controlled separately from two different locations.

How is a light fixture wired to a light switch?

The switch controls a light and the receptacle half of the combo device is always hot. Source 1 comes in at the light fixture and a 3-wire cable is run from there to the switch half on the device. The hot from the source is spliced to the black wire running to the combo and to the input side of the switch.

How is the hot side of a light switch connected?

Here the tab between the two halves is removed and the circuit hot is connected to the input side of the switch. The switch output is sent to the hot side of the receptacle using a short jumper wire of the same gauge. The circuit neutral is connected to the neutral side of the receptacle outlet.

Where are the red and black wires on a light switch?

Three-wire cable runs between the switches and the outlet. The source is at the SW1 where the hot is connected to the common terminal and the neutral spliced through to the neutral on the outlet. The red and black wires running from SW1 to the outlet are used as travelers.

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