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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the owners of Slate Run vineyard?

Welcome to Slate Run Vineyard Winery. Slate Run Vineyard is a small farm winery that was opened in 1997 by Keith and Leslie Pritchard. Keith, an avid amateur winemaker since 1981, started planting grapes in 1985 to support his experimental winemaking pursuits. Quickly realizing that he planted too many grapes, Keith started selling them...

Where is slate run vineyard in Columbus OH?

The vineyard and winery are located 19 miles Southeast of downtown Columbus about 200 feet higher elevation on a glacial morraine. A unique mixture of soils and microclimate in this location.

Who is Slater builders in Orange County CA?

Slater Builders is a full-service contracting firm for commercial / institutional builds. Based in Costa Mesa, we specialize in constructing large-scale projects throughout Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.

Who is Slater builders for Mount St Mary's?

Bill Dunlap was the principal on the work completed for Mount St. Mary's College. Slater Builders played a major role in the execution of our capital projects during the Invest in the Mount Campaign that began in January of 2005 and concluded in June of 2008.

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