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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any used Smart cars for sale?

If you just need something with four wheels to get you around and don’t need a lot of space, a smart is a smart choice. Find a smart dealer near you. Autotrader has 347 Used smart cars for sale, including a 2017 smart fortwo electric drive, a 2017 smart fortwo passion, and a 2018 smart fortwo Prime.

Is the Smart Fortwo still available for sale?

If you're interested in owning a Smart car, you can still find used Smart Fortwos in the United States. Whether you end up with a Fortwo with a three-cylinder engine or a fully electric model, you can enjoy head-turning design and fewer (or zero!) stops at the pump in a Smart car.

Are there aftermarket car seats for your car?

Constructed of high-quality materials, aftermarket car seats offer more comfort than your originals. Available for each row and in a variety of styles, you can completely personalize your ride with our selection of top-of-the-line replacement seats.

Is the Smart Fortwo a gas or electric car?

Towards the end of the brand’s tenure in the States, it became an all-electric brand which made the smart fortwo an even better city car since it didn’t require gas. There was also a cabrio version of the smart available for drop-top fun.

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