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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees with Smart Financial Credit Union?

This Rate and Fee Schedule and Account Disclosures sets forth certain conditions, rates, fees and charges applicable to your Share (Savings) Accounts, Money Market Accounts, Checking Accounts and IRA Savings Accounts at Smart Financial Credit Union, and is incorporated as part of your Account Agreement with us.

How to get a mortgage with smart financial?

Call us at 713-407-1830 or email us at [email protected] , or apply online now at . Rates displayed are the “as low as” rates and are subject to change without notice. Rates are based on creditworthiness, loan-to-value (LTV), occupancy and loan purpose, so your rate and terms may differ.

How often do credit union interest rates change?

The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE will not increase or decrease more than 1 percentage point per adjustment and never fall below the initial ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE or exceed 17.99%. An increase or decrease will take effect every 12 months on the date of the initial loan and will be rounded off to the nearest 1/8th%.

What makes a credit union a good credit union?

A credit union is a not-for-profit organization controlled by its members. Credit unions return profits to its members in the form of more favorable interest rates and lower fees.

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