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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the posting statuses for SmartRecruiters accounts?

All SmartRecruiters accounts have at least two posting statuses: The job ad is not published. No one can apply to the job through this ad. The job ad is published. Candidates can apply through this job ad. SmartRecruit accounts have additional statuses, which indicate the visibility of the job's ads.

How do I reject a candidate in SmartRecruiters?

Rejecting someone in SmartRecruiters move them to Rejected status for that specific application. To simply reject the candidate without notifying them, choose a reason from the list, and click Reject. The rejection will take effect immediately, and the candidate will see the update in their Candidate Portal.

How many companies in SmartRecruiters network do you apply to?

Start applying to positions at the 5,000+ companies in our network. Already have an account? Sign In or explore the latest job postings from our customers. Already applied to a job via SmartRecruiters?

Why SmartRecruiters for job seekers?

SmartRecruiters for Job Seekers Our mission is to connect people to jobs at scale. In order for businesses to hire the best talent, people deserve to easily find a job they love.

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