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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a smart switch?

Launch Smart Switch You can use Smart Switch to sync your calendar, contacts, and to-do list. Connect Device to PC then Click Outlook Sync Connect your device to your PC. Specify what to Sync You can specify if you want to sync calendar, contacts, or To-Do List.

How do you wire a smart switch?

Connect the wires on your smart light switch to the wires inside your wall. Connect the “in” wire to the “in” wire, the “out” wire to the “out” wire, the “ground” wire to the “ground” wire, and the “neutral” wire to the “neutral” wire.

What is smart switch on my phone?

Smart Switch is used to back up contacts, photos, application data and any other local files on your phone. This makes moving between Galaxy phones a breeze: you can move all of your data to your new phone and pick up right where you left on the old device.

What is smart switch on Android?

Smart Network Switch is a feature on Android phones that allows your phone to automatically switch between WiFi and the mobile network.

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