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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a smart watch that can make calls?

The LG Watch Urbane is one of the first watches to take advantage of the newest features of Android Wear 2.0. Thanks to the app LG Call, which is only available for the LG Watch Urbane, wearers can send and receive calls on their wrist.

Which is the first smartwatch with a camera?

Lemfo LEM13 is the first Android smartwatch with a 360° Rotating Camera, which was released by LEMFO in July 2020. The wearable equipped with dual cameras, a 2MP rear, and an 8MP camera in the front. it is a standalone smartwatch with a sim card, WIFI, GPS, 32GB ROM, and much more.

What can I do with my kids smartwatch?

The HD camera allows kids to take pictures and selfies anywhere and at anytime. With two-way calling, they can make and receive calls in an area with at least 2G coverage. With the SpeedTalk 2G SIM card, you can make calls between your mobile phone and the smartwatch.

Which is the best smartwatch with dual camera?

With its dual camera, 8MP on the side, and 8MP on the front. Rollme S08 got the higher smartwatch with a camera right now. Not only this, but the wearable is also the first Android smartwatch with IP68 waterproof and has a bigger battery. Operating System: Android 7.1.1

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