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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a PPP loan with smartbiz?

* Eligible applications submitted according to applicable requirements for PPP will be referred for review by a lending institution in the SmartBiz bank network. The availability of PPP funds is limited, and SmartBiz and banks in the SmartBiz lending network make no representations or guarantees that PPP funds will be available when you apply.

When do you get your second smartbiz loan?

Your second PPP loan cannot be disbursed until at least 8 weeks after you received your first PPP loan, otherwise your loan may not be forgiven. You must have spent all funds from your first PPP loan before your second PPP loan funds can be disbursed. Already a SmartBiz customer?

Can a PPP loan help a small business?

PPP loan forgiveness can help your business stay afloat and rebuild. We’re honored we could assist nearly 200,000 small businesses with successfully processing their PPP loan applications through a bank in our network. Importantly, 60% of those businesses are women-owned, minority, or veteran-owned businesses all across America.

When to apply for a PPP loan for gig workers?

Gig workers, self-employed, and businesses with less than 500 employees negatively impacted by the pandemic can apply for their first PPP loan. You can apply for a second PPP loan if you are a gig worker or have a business with less than 300 employees and experienced more than a 25% drop in revenue quarter over quarter from the previous year.

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