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Frequently Asked Questions

Why smartsmartrecruiters is the best?

SmartRecruiters has created an amazing image of company culture and support. It is sad that this is not the internal experience and management can’t be trusted. Each team is out to protect their own people at the cost of other teams and customer impact.

Is there a free version of SmartRecruiters?

For small businesses, there is the SmartStart solution. SmartStart is a free plan that some features of SmartRecruiters, such as team collaboration, a careers website and one-click job postings to over 200 boards.

Does SmartRecruiters lead behind closed doors?

The message from the CEO that is shared publicly is not how the CEO leads behind closed doors. SmartRecruiters needs to practice what it preaches as an HR Technology Company that is trying to set the example globally. Leadership is not aligned with strategy locally or globally.

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