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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the posting statuses for SmartRecruiters accounts?

All SmartRecruiters accounts have at least two posting statuses: The job ad is not published. No one can apply to the job through this ad. The job ad is published. Candidates can apply through this job ad. SmartRecruit accounts have additional statuses, which indicate the visibility of the job's ads.

What do you like most about SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is my favorite. Thank you for making the life of unemployed people a bit easier. I find your product so amazing... It is so revolutionary and will change the world of job search - symbolizing a new era. I used SmartRecruiters to apply for a job…

How do I contact SmartRecruiters support?

If you have other questions and have already applied through the SmartRecruiters platform, you can email candidate support directly at: [email protected] Smart user interface. Navigation is top notch. Would love to see this implemented in more service sectors. Applications have never been easy!

How do candidates with a new status get selected for interviews?

Candidates with a New status have either: applied directly to a job via a career site, job ad, job widget, or other method been converted from Lead status on a job. When someone opens Interview Scheduler, it automatically selects the candidate's current step.

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