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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do as a free user of Smartsheet?

As a free user, you can view, edit, and update work that has been shared with you. However, you cannot create new work in Smartsheet without a license. Review best practices on how to get started as a free user in Smartsheet and how to effectively collaborate on the work you're shared to so that you can start making an impact with your team.

Do you get any billing information from Smartsheet?

No. Smartsheet does not collect any billing information during the trial period. What do I get with the trial? The trial gives you access to all of the features of a paid Smartsheet Individual account, as well as additional features available to the Business account. This includes:

How do I add someone to my Smartsheet account?

In the upper-right corner, select Account (profile icon) > User Management. Click the Add User button. (You’ll be asked to enter a name for your Smartsheet account.) Type the email address of the person you want to invite, and select the user types you’d like them to have on the account.

What are the features of the Smartsheet app?

Manage your work and collaborate with others in real time. Provide your team with improved project, program, and process management, visibility into work status, and automated workflows. Manage work across your enterprise with powerful no-code app builder and enhanced IT governance and administration.

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