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Frequently Asked Questions

What does single sign on mean for Smartsheet?

Smartsheet Single Sign-On (SSO) increases data security and helps enforce your security policies by requiring users on your plan to use stronger passwords and a single set of credentials.

Which is the default SSO URL for Smartsheet?

Smartsheet provides the default SSO URL​ for your organization, which is a one ­step link to sign in to Smartsheet. You might want to add a CNAME with a friendly, more company specific URL instead. Do not type in the CNAME field of the Edit IdP form, as this will cause log in issues.

How to set up corporate authentication for Smartsheet?

Use your internal corporate authentication credentials to sign-on to Smartsheet using the Your Company Account button (available after entering in the email address). Steps to set this up can be found in our article Set Up SAML 2 for Single Sign-on to Smartsheet.

Can a system admin sign in to Smartsheet?

IMPORTANT: If you disable the Email + Password option, you’ll see an additional option to Keep Email + Password for Account Admins. Enabling Keep Email + Password for Account Admins ensures that System Admins on the account can still sign in to Smartsheet and manage the account if you experience issues with other authentication services.

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