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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log out of my Smartsheet account?

To log out of Smartsheet, select Account in the lower left corner of the Smartsheet window, and then select Sign Out. If you are part of an Enterprise account, the login options you see may vary depending on how your Smartsheet System Admin has configured your login capabilities.

Where to sign in for Smartsheet Learning Center?

Get the most out of this learning track by starting at the beginning. Looking for the easiest path to log in to Smartsheet? A quick way to find the Smartsheet login page and sign in to Smartsheet is to visit:

Can a company Admin sign in to Smartsheet?

A Smartsheet System Admin can enable a single sign-on experience. (For more details, see Manage Authentication Options for an Enterprise Plan.) If your organization has this capability enabled, you can access Smartsheet using the Your Company Account button.

What is Smartsheet and what does it do for You?

Smartsheet is a dynamic workspace that empowers teams to manage projects, automate workflows, and rapidly build new solutions—using no-code tools they love, and backed by the security IT needs. Watch a demo Explore the platform

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