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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get on demand training on Smartsheet?

For more in-depth, guided instruction, you can access on-demand training on topics like Smartsheet fundamentals, project management, and advanced functionalities like Control Center and premium apps in our Center of Excellence. There is a subscription cost for on-demand training, but it may already be included as part of your plan.

Which is the best way to learn Smartsheet?

Smartsheet instructor-led training offers the same insights around work management fundamentals and best practices in a dynamic classroom environment with hands-on exercises. This option is best if you want to: Learn a lot in a short amount of time Ask questions and connect with your instructor and peers in real time

Can you watch a live Smartsheet webinar?

Choose from a series of rotating topics available in multiple time zones. We will send the recording to all registrants, even if you cannot attend live. Join the Work Smart webinar series to learn about new feature releases, best practices, and solution examples to get the most out of Smartsheet.

What does it mean to be certified in Smartsheet?

Certification can establish you as your team’s in-house Smartsheet expert or open you up to new opportunities for career advancement. Smartsheet product certification is currently included as part of our on-demand training platform, or you can purchase the standalone exam at a discounted rate.

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