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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Smorgon Steel Group?

An offshoot of Smorgon Consolidated Industries, once one of the largest private Australian companies before its breakup in 1995, Smorgon Steel is a vertically integrated company whose operations include one of the country's fastest-growing scrap metal collection and processing businesses.

How many tonnes of steel does smorgen steel make?

This division was formed in 2001 from the merger of Smorgon Metal Recycling and Metalcorp Limited. As one of Australia’s largest steel producers, Smorgon Steel’s annual production exceeds 900,000 tonnes.

Where does Smorgon get its scrap metal from?

Smorgon's scrap metal division runs 39 facilities throughout Australia, as well as others in New Zealand and China. Smorgon's scrap metals are then recycled as raw materials for its steel production division, which manufactures steel and steel products using the electric-arc mini-mill process.

Who was the founder of Smorgon Consolidated Industries?

Smorgon Steel was an Australian steel manufacturing company. It was the last remaining part of Smorgon Consolidated Industries, founded by Victor Smorgon in 1958.

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