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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of software is used for SNA?

SNA describes formats and protocols and is, in itself, not a piece of software. The implementation of SNA takes the form of various communications packages, most notably Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (VTAM), the mainframe software package for SNA communications.

Where was the first version of SNA created?

SNA was mainly designed by the IBM Systems Development Division laboratory in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, helped by other laboratories that implemented SNA/SDLC. The details were later made public by IBM's System Reference Library manuals and IBM Systems Journal.

Why was SNA important to the development of networks?

Hence SNA aimed to reduce the main non-computer costs and other difficulties in operating large networks using earlier communications protocols. The difficulties included: Often a communications line could not be shared by terminals of different types, as they used different "dialects" of the existing communications protocols.

When did IBM come out with the SNA?

In 1974, IBM introduced its Systems Network Architecture (SNA), which is a set of protocols and services enabling communication between host computers (IBM mainframes) and peripheral nodes, such as IBM's dedicated hardware boxes, the 3174 controller for 3270 type displays and printers, controllers for the retail and finance industry, and more.

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