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Frequently Asked Questions

How many power stations does Snowy Hydro have?

Snowy Hydro has been generating on-demand, reliable energy for almost 70 years. Today we have 16 power stations with more than 5,500 MW of generating capacity across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

When did the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme start?

This set up the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Authority to manage the project. The authority began on 1 August 1949 with New Zealand-born engineer William Hudson as commissioner. The Governor-General of Australia, Sir William McKell, pressed a button to fire the first blast on 17 October 1949. This marked the official start of the scheme.

When is Snowy 2.0 power plant going to be commissioned?

Snowy 2.0 power plant is expected to be commissioned in 2024. Credit: Clough. Snowy 2.0 will increase the generating capacity of the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric Scheme by 2GW. Credit: Cmh. Snowy 2.0 is an expansion of the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme, which was commissioned in 1974.

Where does the water from the Snowy Scheme Go?

This pumps water from Lake Jindabyne through the Jindabyne-Island Bend Tunnel and Snowy-Geehi trans-mountain Tunnel to Geehi reservoir, where the water is used for electricity generation in Murray 1 and Murray 2 power stations. The Snowy Scheme consists of 16 major dams.

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