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Frequently Asked Questions

How does social media positively affect teens?

Social media may positively affect adolescents by promoting a feeling of inclusion, providing greater access to more friends, and enhancing romantic relationships. Some adolescents with social and emotional issues feel more included with social media and online activities.

Why is social media harmful for teens?

The increase in social media use has has lead to the increase in children and teens diagnosed with mental disorders such as ADHA, depression, and anxiety. Social media has left teens and children feeling alone and lack in knowing how to deal with social issues such as harassment from people.

What are the effects of social media on teenagers?

Social media can affect a teen’s self-esteem by changing their entire style such as clothes, music, and personality and even change what kind of friends they have. These effects of depression lead to teens having severe insecurities, which then concludes that social networking degrades teens.

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