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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there solar panel on top of backpack?

Repurpose has created a stylish and sturdy all-purpose backpack out of 100% recycled material from old plastic bags. Attached to the top is a small solar panel that's capable of capturing the sun's energy while they walk to school.

How are solar school bags help the world?

The recycled Repurpose school bags come equipped with solar panels to provide a renewable light source for kids in disconnected regions. There are still areas of the world that don't have adequate access to electricity.

How long does a solar school backpack last?

When they arrive back home, the bag is capable of powering a small lamp for up to 12 hours so that they can complete their studies at night. Repurpose works with no-fee schools that lack basic supplies, as well as ‘giving partners’ who are willing to fund the creation and delivery of the backpacks.

How does a solar backpack work in the wilderness?

The solar panel is unique in that it’s secured to the bag by carabiners and can easily be removed and folded up. This means you can leave your panels in full sun at camp and charge your devices at night, without the burden of carrying your expensive electronic equipment with you in the wilderness.

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