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Frequently Asked Questions

How are energy meters used in Solar Schools?

As part of your Solar Schools subscription, energy meters will be installed at your school to record consumption and generation of energy. Use this live data to provide student learning experiences that lead to actionable insights.

Which is the best solar energy training school?

Solar Energy Training Schools. 1 1. Solar photovoltaic installer— $43K. Solar installer jobs involve assembling photovoltaic modules and panels, mounting equipment on residential and ... 2 2. Solar thermal installer— $45K 1. 3 3. Solar installation electrician— $47K 1. 4 4. Solar site assessor— $60K 1. 5 5. Project manager — $61K 1. More items

How many solar schools are there in Australia?

And explore Planet Watch to play hero and see the impact of your actions today. Today, there are 1,465 schools across Australia and New Zealand who are part of the Solar Schools program. Find them on the map and see how every school is making a difference. Why Subscribe to Solar Schools?

What kind of certification is needed for solar installation?

PV Installation Professional —Aimed at installers, designers, and project managers, it covers system design, installation, operation, and maintenance. There are also five more specific certifications that reflect the increasing task specialization in the solar industry:

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