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Frequently Asked Questions

What can solar schools do for your school?

Solar Schools makes it easy and exciting to teach students about energy efficiency. Use your school's own energy data to bring this innovative educational program to life. Solar Schools provides curriculum-aligned lessons and learning experiences for both primary and secondary school students.

Is there a need for solar power training?

That's what it means to have an occupation backed by solar power. Training from the right school can get you started. And this industry has lots of upsides. Solar energy schools know that, as the technology keeps improving, the demand for it will likely continue to rise. It's the dawn of a whole new day in the way our communities get electricity.

How many solar schools are there in Australia?

And explore Planet Watch to play hero and see the impact of your actions today. Today, there are 1,467 schools across Australia and New Zealand who are part of the Solar Schools program. Find them on the map and see how every school is making a difference.

What can I do with a degree in solar power?

Solar careers run the gamut from installation and maintenance to manufacturing and sales. Whether you're interested in doing hands-on work or lab-based research, you can likely find a position in the solar field to suit you. The information below can help you understand the amazing range of opportunities that could be in your future.

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