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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Solar Schools work for Solar Schools?

Your school will appear in our database once you've subscribed to the Solar Schools program. Your school's live energy data will then be visible and you'll gain access to an ecosystem of technology, teacher resources, tools and apps.

How many solar schools are there in the world?

There's a powerful online portal for every Solar School. The interactive tools make it easy to visualise and analyse data across days, seasons and years. There are hundreds of schools in many different countries working toward the same sustainability goals. See at a glance how we're tracking together.

Where is the Solar Energy Industries Association located?

We have to keep the pressure up and ensure Congress meets this moment to promote a just and equitable transition to a clean energy economy. SEIA is the national trade association for the U.S. solar industry. We embody the innovation and entrepreneurship that defines solar energy. TRENTON, N.J. and WASHINGTON, D.C.

How is New Jersey helping the solar industry?

— Today Governor Murphy signed into law two important pieces of legislation that will help to increase solar development across New Jersey. TRENTON, N.J. and WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday the New Jersey legislature passed two pieces of legislation that will help increase solar development across the state.

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