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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name somatic mean?

The term somatic means 'of the body' - relating to the body. In medicine, somatic illness is bodily, not mental illness. The term is often used in biology to refer to the cells of the body in contrast to the germ line cells which usually give rise to the gametes.

What does somatic sense mean?

Somatic senses are sometimes referred to as somesthetic senses , with the understanding that somesthesis includes the sense of touch, proprioception (sense of position and movement), and (depending on usage) haptic perception. The mapping of the body surfaces in the brain is called somatotopy.

What is somatic in medical terms?

somatic - Medical Definition. adj. Relating to or affecting the body, especially as distinguished from a body part, the mind, or the environment; corporeal or physical.

What are somatic techniques?

Somatic Techniques are used when an individual is having a difficult time controlling the tension and discomfort of their muscles. It is the result of memories or traumatic experiences that have been repressed and forgotten about consciously – although, the subconscious has yet to deal with the experience.

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